When we talk about Nagashi-sōmen, the first thing you think of may be Kyoto Kibune. But did you know that the birthplace of Nagashi-sōmen is Amida Waterfall near Takasu?
In Japan, the way to eat sōmen is as follows: 1.warm the sōmen, 2. cool it with cold water, 3. take some sauce. Nagashi-sōmen is one kind of upgraded sōmen. The sōmen will be put in a bamboo tube with a stream of water flowing through it. At the same time people will stand beside the tube to catch the sōmen quickly with their chopsticks.

In Amida Castle, you can enjoy your Nagashi-sōmen surrounded by the sound of a waterfall. What's more, you can eat as much sōmen as you like (until the sōmen sauce is all used up). Because Amida Castle is surrounded by montains and forests, it is cooler than other places in summer. A nice summer resort!
After Nagashi-sōmen, you can visit Amida Waterfall which has been selected as one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan. The water here is from Mount Haku, one of Japan's "Three Holy Moutains ". The Japanese believe that Amida Waterfall is an energy source.

Address 1106−1-2 Shirotorichomaedani Gujo-shi Gifu-ken 501-5101

〒501-5101 岐阜県郡上市白鳥町前谷1106−1-2

A 20-minute drive from the Shirotori IC


Tel: 0575-85-2738

Websites Official Site (JPN)http://www.gujokankou.com/spot/03shirotori/493.html

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