Rent a kimono, hakama, or yukata here. Enjoy a casual kimono experience!

Want to wear a kimono and stroll around the castle town? Inuyama Komachi can make your dream come true. Not only kimono, you have all things you'll need such as undergarments for kimonos, shoes, and Japanese umbrellas here! They even offer hairstyling! Male customers are also welcome! Depending on the day of the week, tea ceremony experiences are available. Taking a walk around the castle town in hakama is also popular! Why not explore the castle town in a kimono? *Reservations are required.

Address 2nd floor, Kitakoken, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0082

〒484-0082 愛知県犬山市犬山北古券58 2階

At Meitetsu Nagoya Station (Plathome No.1/Under yellow-green light)
Take the Rapid Express or Limited Express train. It is about 25-minute ride to Inuyama station.
From the station to Inuyama Castle, it takes 10 minutes on foot.

Business hours



Fridays (Open on Fridays during national holidays)
No holidays during July and August
Sado experience is available on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Tel: 0568-65-6659


Unavailable (town-wide free Wi-Fi is available however)

Credit card payment

Unavailable (Available starting in 2019)

Supported languages

Available only in Japanese


Available plans
Kimono rental/ 3.700yen -
Hakama rental/ 4.800yen-
Yukata rental/3.700yen
Couples discount/7.000yen-
Tea ceremony experience/ plus 2.000yen

Average visit length

One hour

Websites Official Site (JPN) Tourist Information

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