World-Class Monkey Zoo

60 kinds of monkey with 900 animals in total. The largest collection of monkeys in the world. See monkeys unafraid of fire that sit around the fire and munch on sweet potatoes. These monkeys have been living this wintery fairy tale for over 50 years. Staffed by primatology researchers from Kyoto University and home to important primate research recognized across the globe. Japan Monkey Park amusement next door.

Kanrin-26 Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture 484-0081
〒484-0081 愛知県犬山市犬山官林26
Directions Nagoya Railway (Meitetsu)
Take the Nagoya Main Line from Nagoya Station to Inuyama. (Platform 1/25m). Take the Gifu Bus to Little World (5m) or walk 20 minutes.

Business hours
March–October 10am–5pm
November–February 10am–4pm
Holidays Closed Tuesday and Wednesday (except in the case of national holidays)
Contact Tel: 0568-61-2327
Wi-Fi None
Credit card payment None
Adults (high school and older) ¥800
Junior High and Elementary ¥400 
Pre-school (3 and older) ¥300
Average visit length 3–4 hours
Difficulty ★★☆☆☆ Casual
Websites Official Site

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