Ryoguchiya Korekiyo(両口屋是清)

About Ryoguchiya

The Ryoguchiya Korekiyo was founded in 1634 by Saruya Saburouemon to serve as the official confectioner for the Owari Feudal Domain. Later, the master of the Ryoguchiya garnered the favor of Tokugawa Mitsutomo, the second-generation lord of Owari, who granted him the gift of a signboard inscribed in his very own hand, reading Confectioner Ryoguchiya Korekiyo. For some three hundred eighty years the Ryoguchiya Korekiyo has devoted itself solely to the preparation of Japanese confectionaries. Combining the very finest ingredients with the highest expertise, Ryoguchiya korekiyo strives every day to fulfill our most earnest desire-to prepare Japanese confectionaries that bring joy to our customers.

Standard Products

Assortment of high quality confectionery

Tabimakura, Shinanoro, Yomoyama – an assortment of three products. These confectioneries, which have been some of Ryoguchi Korekiyo’s top sellers, started off in Nagoya and then became popular across the whole country. As they will keep for around three weeks, they are often bought as souvenirs. The sweet anko paste (sweet red bean paste) goes perfectly with tea. This confectionery is suitable for all ages, men and women, and even children can enjoy it. We hope you will enjoy it with tea, coffee, milk, etc.


The Shinanoji is prepared by wrapping sweet red beans in wafers powdered with sugar. It is named after the the scenery of the Shinanoji, a popular, snow-covered road in Japan. It has long been popular in Nagoya and indeed throughout all of Japan.

Tabi Makura

The Tabi Makura, a baked confectionery made of soft bean paste wrapped in wafers with sesame sprinkled on top, is named after a vase with an inscription. It is made to resemble the form of the vase itself. It was offfered to the Emperor and Empress as a gift in 1950, when they visited the city of Nagoya. The history of Tabi Makura still continues today.


This mild confection consists of sweetened bean paste wrapped in wafers made of eggs. It depicts the landscape of the surrounding mountains, and the design alludes to the changing seasons. We hope you will sense the changes of the four seasons through this confection. We are proud to include it in our lineup.


Sennari, with a history dating from pre-war times, is a confection with Hideyoshi Toyotomi's Uma-jirushi (horse insignia) stamped on its soft castella sponge cake. The name was taken from Hideyoshi's uma-jirushi known as the Sennari Hyoutan, a type of vegetable shaped like a gourd. There are three types available: Soft baked bean paste using dainagon beans, green tea flavor using Nishio's green tea, and red-colored cooked white beans. This confection, a staple of Nagoya, gives off a sense of nostalgia.

Seasonal Items

At Ryoguchiya, we occasionally produce confectioneries based on Japan’s four seasons. Each month five to ten new products are introduced. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy the colour, shape, charm and taste of these confectioneries.

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