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Ise Shima Perfect Guide by Centrip Japan

Coastal areas like Ise, Toba, and Shima are prominent in Japan. The bountiful sea as seen from the rugged Rias Coast, the many beautiful mountains, the gentle climate, and rich foods are said to be "Blessed by the Gods" and receive numerous visitors. When you come, you can fully partake in the blessing of hospitality that has been refined over many years.

What kind of place is Ise Shima?

Ise Summit, held in 2016, in Ise Shima, drew attention to the gentle coastal area. The traditional seaside lifestyle has been maintained while Ise Jingu has grown as a popular sightseeing spot in Japan.

Ise Shima Area Navigation

Ise Shima area has various things to enjoy—strolling around town exploring the history of Ise Futami, experiencing the coastal culture of remote islands in Toba, enjoying the resort and hands-on activities in Shima. Find travel activities that suit your interests.

Ise Shima Access Navigation

The fun of walking through Ise, the sightseeing areas of Toba, come by train and enjoy the sightseeing areas around the station. However, because of the distance between locations, it is recommended you use a car to travel in the Shima area.

Must See Places in Ise Shima

In Ise-Shima you can experience history and get a real taste of Japan. Ise Shrine is usually crowded with people traveling from afar to worship here at least once in their lives. The castle town is also very popular with people wanting to do dress up in traditional Japanese clothing. You can also enjoy historical walks while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Ise Shima Must Eats: Centrip Japan's Complete Guide to Ise Shima

You have to try the seafood in Ise Shima. Japanese confections and Udon are also traditionally popular foods. Marine and livestock products, produce, traditional Japanese confections, etc, In Japan Ise Shima is an eminent culinary tourist spot that you can enjoy to your heart's content.

Ise Shima's Most Popular Souvenirs

Due to Ise being an often visited location for Japanese people since long ago, there is a wealth of souvenirs available for purchase. The variety of items ranges from traditional handicrafts and small accessories to delicious Japanese confections.

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