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What is Ise Shima : Centrip Japan's Complete Guide to Ise Shima

Where is Ise Shima?


Ise Shima is a calm seaside area where the Ise Shima Summit took place in 2016. "Ise Shima" encompasses two large tourist spots—Ise Shrine and the Shima Peninsula and includes the areas Ise, Toba, Shima, and Watarai (excluding Taiki).

Growing Up with Ise Shrine: The Gods and Ise Shima

Mie Prefecture, where Ise Shima is, is often called the country of the gods because of its deep connection with Japanese mythology. The Japanese term for this is kuni-umi [The Birthplace of Japan]. People in Ise Shima believe their rich ocean, beautiful mountains, a nice climate, and abundant food to be blessings from the gods. In that sense, you can say that people here have always lived with gods.

Ise Shrine, a most venerated shrine, has an awe-inspiring history of more than 2000 years and boasts 125 shrines. Ise Shima was the most popular Japanese pilgrimage destination even when the only way to get to Ise Shrine was on foot. It is now a popular tourist destination for many all over the world. The Ise Shima area continues to grow thanks to Ise Shrine.

Traditional Sea Life: The Breathtaking View from the Sea and Abundant Seafood

People call Mie umashi-kuni [beautiful and delicious country]. This word means that people living here are blessed with delicious food because of the abundant local seafood and agricultural produce. It also means that the place has beautiful scenery. Especially, the view of the intricate ria coast in Ise Shima is known as one of the most magnificent landscapes in Japan.

People in Ise Shima have delicious Ise lobsters, oysters, abalones, and blowfish from the rich ocean. The female divers who fish those do so without diving equipment—these ama [female skin divers] continue their traditional diving style even now. Mie was the very first place in the world to succeed in cultivating pearls. People literally live with the sea.

Tourist Spots Bustle with People: Gourmet and Hospitable Hot Springs

Ise Shima has had inns and meals for travelers from olden times—hospitality is in its genes. Meals you can try here: starting with the great selection of seafood dishes, local Matsuzaka beef, unique Ise Udon, and soy-sauce-pickled Tekone Sushi, etc. There are many accommodations with hot springs at Ise Shima. Many inns offer a hot spring bath for a day trip so you can take a load off of your trip and take a relaxing bath.

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