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Chubu International Airport Centrair Night Guide

For frequent flyers, taking a late-night or early-morning flight is a regular part of life. However, they can leave people waiting in transit with little to do and no access to services. We at Centrip have put together a useful guide to help you when to or through Centrair. Please choose from the contents below.

Chubu International Airport Night Traffic (First and Last Trains/Buses)

Centrip has collected information on transportation from Centrair to Nagoya, so you can quickly access the first and last train/bus schedules, arrange your travel, and accommodation accordingly.


The railway system in Japan is highly developed and complicated so many new travelers have some difficulty navigating it. Fortunately, there is only one rail line connecting Centrair to the city. There are a few different types of trains: Futsū (Local), Junkyū (Semi Express), Kyūkō (Express), Tokkyū (Limited Express), μ-Sky. The Tokkyū and μ-Sky trains are faster and so require a separate fee.

The first train from Nagoya to Centrair
Departing Nagoya Departing Kanayama Departing Jingu-mae Arriving at Centrair
Kyūkō (Express) ─── 5:15 5:17 5:53
Kyūkō (Express) 5:23 5:27 5:30 6:06
μ-Sky(Weekdays) 6:00 6:05 6:08 6:30
μ-Sky(Weekends & holidays) 6:02 6:07 6:10 6:32
The first train from Centrair to Nagoya
Departing Centrair Arriving at Jingu-mae Arriving at Kanayama Arriving at Nagoya
Junkyū (Semi Express) 5:24 6:01 6:04 6:09
μ-Sky(Weekdays) 7:03 7:32 7:35 7:40
μ-Sky(Weekends & Holidays) 6:51 7:23 7:26 7:30
Last train from Nagoya to Centrair
Departing Nagoya Departing Kanayama Departing Jingu-mae Departing Centrair
Kyūkō (Express) 23:15 23:19 23:22 23:59
Tokkyū (Limited Express) 22:01 22:05 22:07 22:36
μ-Sky(Weekdays) 21:19 21:23 21:26 21:48
μ-Sky(Weekends & Holidays) 21:20 21:24 21:27 21:49
Last train from Nagoya to Centrair
Departing Centrair Arriving at Jingu-mae Arriving at Kanayama Arriving at Nagoya
Tokkyū (Limited Express) 23:31 23:50 0:02 0:06
μ-Sky(Weekdays) 22:07 22:29 22:32 22:35
μ-Sky(Weekends & Holidays) 22:07 22:29 22:32 22:35

Nagoya to Centrair
One way: ¥890
Additional fee: ¥360

Kanayama to Centrair
One way: ¥830
Additional fee: ¥360

Jingu-mae to Centrair
One way: ¥760
Additional fee: ¥360

*One way fare is required, additional fee applies only for reserved seats.


In addition to Nagoya station, the airport bus can take you to & from Sakae.

The first & last bus from Centrair to Nagoya (Departure)
First bus Last bus
Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Terminal 1 Terminal 2
7:00am (Nagoya Station west entrance)
7:50am (Meitetsu Bus Center)
7:42am (Drop-off at Sakae) 12:40am (Nagoya Station west entrance)
10:20pm (Meitetsu Bus Center)
10:12 (Drop-off at Sakae)
The first bus from Nagoya to Centrair (Departure)
First Bus Last Bus
Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Terminal 1 & 2
4:10am (Nagoya Station west entrance)
6:00am (Sakae OASIS21)
6:20am (Meitetsu Bus Center)
6:20am (Meitetsu Bus Center)
6:00am (Sakae OASIS21)

One way from Nagoya to Centrair (Centrair Limousine Bus): ¥1,300
One way from Nagoya Station (west entrance) to Centrair: ¥1,500


Taxis are available 24 hours. The prices are much higher than public transportation, but on the plus side, taxis can take you wherever you need to go. Here's an example:
From Centrair to Nagoya Station: about 50 minutes, ¥16,000.
From Centrair to Sakae: about 45 minutes, ¥15,500.

Airport Night Guide

Can't catch your flight by taking the first train or bus? Can’t stay up till the last train? One more night at the hotel will put you over budget? Don't worry, you can stay at the airport!

Airport Areas Open 24hours.

Let's take a quick look at areas that are open to the public for 24 hours. Only some areas in Centrair are open for 24 hours. The operating times of Terminal 1 are 4:40am to 01:00am (next day), and Terminal 2 is 4:40am to 9:20pm (departures lobby on the 2nd floor) and 4:40am to 11:30pm (arrivals lobby on the 1st floor). Let's check where we are going to spend the night.

1. Terminal 1 Arrivals Lobby, 2nd floor

The arrivals lobby is often empty at night, but the main area is reserved for passengers, so there aren't too many seats.

One advantage of this area is a row of seats without any armrests, as shown. This makes for an impromptu bed for you to get some sleep, and combined with the relatively closed-off environment, it means there is less chance of being disturbed compared to the areas in Access Plaza.

There are lots of seat in the domestic arrivals area that do not have any arm rests, making it easy to get some sleep.

2. Access Plaza (The gateway to Terminal 1 & 2)

Access Plaza is the airport's main hub, connecting the various methods of public transportation and the airport terminals. Even as late as midnight, people may still be coming and going. If loud sounds don't bother you when sleeping, you may feel safer here than in the arrivals lobby.

The seating area in Access Plaza is also equipped with several charging areas that you can use to charge your mobile phone and other electronic devices.

If you have lots of baggage, paid lockers are available in Access Plaza. So make your night at the airport as comfortable as possible.

Overnight Bag Prep

Now that you've chosen a place to stay for the night. Let's see how we can make things more comfortable! These recommendations are based on my own experience:

1. A small blanket or thick coat: It is better to have a cover to avoid getting cold when Access Plaza and the arrivals lobby are empty. Additionally, the chairs in the arrivals lobby are made of stainless steel, which can get very cool at night, especially in the winter. And for a pillow, just wrap your clothes.
2. Eye mask: An essential addition since both areas are open for 24 hours, it means that the lights are always on. If you want to sleep well, you had better have an eye mask.
3. Earplugs: If you are preparing to spend the night in Access Plaza don't forget a pair of these! The footsteps of other travelers passing by will constantly wake you up. If you want a full undisturbed rest, earplugs are a necessity!
4. Pants: Loose fitting and comfy pants make for a more comfortable rest.
5. Stay Calm: Although you may hear footsteps from time to time, don't be afraid, security staff won't disrupt people sleeping.

Shower Facilities

You can still have a hot shower before or after sleeping, even if a hotel is not in your budget. There is nothing quite like a nice warm shower after a long flight and several hours in transit. At TUBE Sq, a capsule hotel on the first floor of Terminal 1, you can use their by-the-hour shower service for only ¥900, so you can take some time to relax with a hot shower.

On the next page, you can find information about restaurants that are open late as well as details about airport hotels.

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