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Nagoya TV Tower, Nagoya's Newest Instagrammable Spot

When visiting Nagoya, the Nagoya TV Tower, beautiful and romantic, is a must-see spot. Built-in 1954, Nagoya TV Tower was the first radio tower in Japan and is one of the most-popular Towers along with Tokyo Tower and Sapporo Tower. It has been closed for more than a year to improve earthquake resistance, and the tower is finally open as of mid-September 2020.

What exactly are the must-see aspects of the renovated TV tower? What are the must-visit stores in the TV tower? Let Centrip Japan's editorial staff give you some hot tips!

The New Look of Nagoya TV Tower and Hisaya Odori Park

The Nagoya TV Tower has been a tangible cultural asset of Japan since its construction, more than 60 years ago. When the earthquake-resistant project began, it had the ambitious goal of making the tower a world heritage site. In addition to making the building safer, there were several other significant changes to the renovated tower.

1. More delicate and beautiful LED lighting

With 16.7 million full-color LED lights and a higher resolution, illumination at night just got a whole lot prettier!

2. 360° mirrored observatory

A mirrored ceiling reflects the view of the ground.

3. Outdoor stairs leading to the observation deck

For the first time, the tower has a 410-step outdoor staircase that leads directly to the observation deck, so why not enjoy the view and work out at the same time?

Hisaya Odori Park, greenery, and shopping at the TV Tower!

Hisaya Odori Park, located next to the TV tower, has been transformed into a trendy area that combines nature and shopping. There is a large grassy area with camping tents and hammocks where you can relax among nature, as well as a dining and shopping area with cafes and sundry stores.

An observation deck and facilities

Previously visitors only went to the tower for the night view from the observatory but, the newly renovated Nagoya TV Tower has an exclusive souvenir shop, a restaurant with an overlook of the park, a studio, and even a hotel! The following is a short introduction to each.

Kaleidoscopic Panoramic View! 360° Observation Deck: Sky Deck

The Nagoya TV Tower Observatory, renovated with sleek, minimalist décor, features a mirrored ceiling, which reflects the greenery of Hisaya Odori Park, creating a kaleidoscopic illusion.
It also has a 360-degree projection mapping system for you to see the stunning combination of music, video, and night scenery.

The Nagoya TV tower enjoys a good location: there is Oasis 21, chosen as the best photo spot by foreign tourists, and Hisaya Odori Park, nearby. Although the observation deck of the Nagoya TV Tower is not the highest in Japan, the view of Nagoya is unique, and you can enjoy the TV tower as it is reflected on the fountain below in the mall at night.

On the upper level of the tower is an outdoor observation deck called Sky Deck. It was designed as a campground in the sky, with folding chairs, bushes, grass, and even firewood.

Fee for observation deck: Adults (High school and up): ¥ 900, Children: ¥400

Farm&, a popular outdoor hot dog cafe (1F)

Farm&, an art deco café, offers delicious hot dog courses at lunchtime, and at night it turns into a beer garden (a unique Japanese dining experience for drinking and grilling meat al fresco), with concerts and fairs held on weekends.

On a nice day, why not relax on an outdoor sofa at Farm&? With the pond in Hisaya Odori Park and Oasis 21 in front of you, sip a drink with music and enjoy an adult-friendly dining experience.

Their signature dish is the Hatcho Miso Spicy Cheese Hot Dog (¥1,500), which uses local Nagoya ingredients.

HUB (1F), a sports bar dedicated to the Nagoya Grampus, Nagoya's local soccer team

The HUB, located right underneath the TV tower, is a British-style sports bar with outdoor seating designed to look like a soccer stadium, where you can watch the game when broadcast.

The bar has a partnership with Nagoya Grampus. Not only is the bar stocked with Nagoya Grampus trophies and jerseys, but it also offers exclusive supporter drinks and broadcasts all games of Nagoya Grampus. The HUB is a place for people who want to experience the passion and culture of Japanese soccer.

Lily (2F), a high-end Western-style restaurant

Restaurant Lily is decorated in warm gold and light pink with dried flowers and plants, imparting a sense of style and elegance upon entering the restaurant. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer a panoramic view of Hisaya Odori Park, which will make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

The chef prepares exquisite Western dishes such as Wagyu beef in red wine sauce and pan-fried pork chops using local ingredients from the Chubu region.
Lunch set prices range from ¥2,400 to ¥4,500, and dinners are from ¥4,500 to 10,000, making it ideal for special occasions.

Tachu, a TV Tower Exclusive Souvenir Shop (3F)

If you're looking for exclusive TV Tower items, don't miss this souvenir shop, Tachu! You can buy models of the TV tower, postcards, and other items made in collaboration with famous anime characters. You can purchase Nagoyan souvenirs and biscuits here.

Uemiya, the mascot of the Nagoya TV tower, is a must-have item. His head is always looking up at the TV tower.

Fashion Visionary Café, base lab. (3F)

The base lab. has house-roasted coffee, cakes, and liquor. Order a drink and sit on the 3F and enjoy the view of Hisaya Odori, definitely great value for the price!

Shared Workspace The Tower Lounge CASHIME (3F)

The Tower Lounge CASHIME is a monthly rental shared workspace. They have meeting rooms overlooking Hisaya Odori Park, a private meeting room, and a tatami lounge, all of which have stylish decor.

VR&AR Experience Space SPEED XR (3F)

Here you can watch concerts and soccer games in 3D with VR glasses. The ticket price is about ¥1,500-2,500.

Hotel The Tower Hotel Nagoya (4/5F)

"Are they building a hotel inside the TV tower?" No one believed it when they heard the news before the renovation. The decor makes use of modern design with works by artists from central Japan, but the black steel frames of the TV tower, built 60 years ago, remain in these modern rooms, and you can touch them with your hand. Seeing & feeling the TV tower, a Japanese tangible cultural asset, is a significant event.

When you open the curtain, you will see the entirety of Hisaya Odori Park, and at night you will see the neon lights of the TV Tower.


Nagoya's two major-commercial districts, Sakae and Nagoya Station, have been the talk of the town in recent years. Around Nagoya Station, new buildings are popping up one after another, creating a trendy and fashionable cityscape. And now, with the renovation of the Nagoya TV Tower and the re-opening of Hisaya Odori Park, combining style and nature, Sakae is on its way up.

Take a stroll with a cup of coffee through the trendy green park and look up to see the magnificent Nagoya TV Tower. Climb up the historic tower to the observation deck for the most romantic night view of Nagoya. Don't forget to visit Nagoya TV Tower on your next trip - a stylishly stunning tower on the outside, warm and inviting on the inside.

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