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Hottest Now! The Best Tourist & Photo Spots in Nagoya : Top 6 Shooting Points in Oasis 21

Have you heard of Oasis 21, the most popular tourist spot in Nagoya?

Oasis 21 is a combination of public facilities such as a bus terminal, and commercial facilities where you can enjoy dining and shopping!

Conveyor-belt sushi, tempura, 100 yen shops, and more - you can find many "Japanese-style" shops in the lower part of the facility mentioned above. Keep this on your to-do list during the trip!

What makes it unique is its eye-catching design. It was chosen as the second-best photo spot in summer by foreign travelers (July - September, 2017 Tripadvisor).

Today, we will introduce the 6 best photo spots recommended for shooting in and around Oasis 21. Kuriko (Long Meng Rou) from China will be travelling around with us.

Let's go along with her to see "Oasis 21"!

Top 6 photo spots recommended at Oasis 21

1. Take a photograph of Oasis 21 from the Field of Green

The Field of Green is a perfect place to relax on sunny days. Take a break at the Field of Green while taking a photo of Oasis 21.

The tower on the right is another famous tourist spot called, Nagoya TV Tower. Let us recommend you the very angle from which you can shoot two of Nagoya's popular tourist spots at once!

2. Get a dynamic picture from the main street!

From the main streets, shoot from a low angle - the buildings will look even more dynamic! And don't worry - Nagoya TV Tower will fit in the background of the frame as well.

3. The must-see romantic illuminations

This picture is also taken from the "Field of Green". It will be lit up during the night with the "Nagoya TV Tower" far in the background, which makes for a photograph you just have to shoot. The lights are not just in blue, but in white and red as well. It even lights up in the colors of the rainbow from 9 o'clock at night, for 1 minute.

4. Grab your cameras! Don't miss out on the glittering interplay of light and water at the Spaceship-Aqua

Take the elevator running through Oasis 21 to get to the Spaceship-Aqua (open from 10:00 - 21:00).

Get out of the elevator, walk towards the left, and stop - yes, that is the exact spot we recommend you to take photographs from. The water from the pool located in the center of the floor reflects the moonlight, bringing a glittering reflection of the water. Very romantic!

5. Shoot the Spaceship and Nagoya TV Tower, straight from the front!

This photo was taken from the edge of the spaceship. The distance makes the Nagoya TV Tower seem so small. It feels like I could almost grab the tower! Make sure to enjoy a walk on the observation deck 14m up above the ground.

6. Looking down at Oasis 21, and the town of Nagoya from Nagoya TV Tower

Nagoya TV Tower is the first TV tower constructed in Japan. Back in 1954 when the tower was put up, it was the tallest example of architecture in the East. It is still now a symbol of Nagoya.

The TV Tower is only 2-3 minutes away on foot, from Oasis 21. Ride the elevator to the top of the tower, and from the stairs in the top floors you can see the splendid night view of Nagoya city and Oasis 21.

It is a breathtaking view!
Please note that last entry to the tower is 20:40 (January - March) and 21:40 (April - December).

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What do you think? Kuriko also had a great day looking at the marvelous night view and Oasis 21.

Take back some memories you can tell your friends about. And when you do, don't forget to show them your beautiful photographs of Oasis 21!

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