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Funasaka Sake Brewery: Aiming to be a sake theme park in Takayama.

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A 12 minute walk from JR Takayama Station. We strongly recommend you to visit the Funasaka Sake Brewery, if you are planning to look around the Sanmachi. This brewery, with a history of 200 years, continues to make the best sake(酒/Japanese rice wine) with fresh water and rice.

The Funasaka Sake Brewery aims to become a "sake theme park", but not just brewing sake, but selling and serving it as well. Let's take a peek inside!

Enjoy the local sake in the very place it is made

There are many spots in the Funasaka Sake Brewery where you can enjoy their sake.You will find the modern-style bar, "Sakagura BAR", behind the short curtains inside the building.
If you wish to relax and enjoy sake poured into a stylish glass, this bar is definitely a must-go!

You can drink the sake from a masu (升/a measuring cup unique to Japan). The masu was used as a measuring cup in the old days, and is still used as a cup on special occasions.

For ones that wish to enjoy sake in a simpler way, we recommend the tasting counter. You can try various types of sake for a reasonable price.

The yuzu-flavored sake was recommended by one of the staff. We tried it, and it tasted almost like juice! No wonder it has become popular.

Looking for souvenirs? There are plenty here!

There are various fresh types of sake only available in Takayama. If you're not sure about which one to buy, you can try them out!
If you want to taste many kinds of flavors, do not forget to buy the "compare-the-flavor set"!

If you don't want to take back a whole bottle of sake, check out the skin-care products which use sake!
There are many kinds of products containing components for beautification, such as face masks and body soaps. They are said to make your skin very smooth, so you should try them!

Funasaka Sake Brewery: Why is their sake so delicious?

We had a little tour around their manufacturing floor. We talked with Hiraoka, the chief brewer at the brewery.

We use locally made rice to make the sake. It is interesting to hear that adjusting the milling of the rice changes the type of sake it will become.

The brewers use their 5 senses everyday to improve the sake: feeling, sound, color, shape, taste, etc. They brew the sake carefully, just how parents treat their children with extra care.

What surprised me, is that the rice makes a popping sound when fermented. This sound proves that the yeast is alive, and the sake is actually starting to be made.
We had the sake, freshly made right on the spot. It was very fruity, and had a smooth foam to it just like a sparkling wine would have.

Imagining the happy smiles of the customers, Hiraoka continues to make sake. We could taste his passion through the sake.

What "hospitality" means to the president

The president, Mr Arisu, was managing a hotel before coming to this job.

The heart of hospitality still remains in him from the times of when he worked at the hotel. The bar, tasting, and skin care goods are great examples.

Since the seasons in Takayama are clearly divided into four, seasonal products are made. You can visit the place many times but still enjoy it. He wishes to prepare the facility for the foreigners in the near future.

The logo of the Funasaka Sake Brewery features three important elements for the brewing of sake : 水 (water), 米 (rice) and 気候風土 (the natural features of the region), all of which contribute to the "Funasaka style".

Funasaka sake brewery continues to create experiences only available now, and here, and aims to become the theme park of Japanese sake. Why not visit Takayama and enjoy the sake unique to Takayama?

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