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Save Money While Traveling! The SHORYUDO Bus Pass is the Must-Have Ticket for a Trip Through Central Japan

When traveling through Central Japan, it would be a waste to only visit one place. There are tons of places to go like Nagoya, Takayama, Shirakawa, Kanazawa, and more! Your travel expenses could skyrocket though. Don't fret! The SHORYUDO Bus Pass, created especially for foreigners, can save you up to 50% off bus fares and can be used for a number of days.

This time, Centrip will teach you how to use “SHORYUDO Bus Pass” to enjoy Central Japan. This guide includes model courses designed by Centrip, as well as instructions for how to book and use the bus pass, including the latest revision from April 2019. With this guide, you won't miss any details regarding the “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”.


“SHORYUDO Bus Pass” is a set ticket for foreigners only, available in Takayama, Shirakawago, Matsumoto, Kanazawa, Nagano, and other Central Japan viewpoints. With this ticket, it is not necessary to pay extra for the buses in these areas. The more buses you take, the more money you can save!

There are 3 plans for the “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”. First, the most popular one, a 3-Day Tour in Takayama, Shirakawa-go, and Kanazawa (8500 yen). Second, a 3-Day Tour in Matsumoto, Magome, and Komagane (7000 yen). And finally the most widely used one, a 5-Day Tour wide course (14000 yen). Details are as follows.

What “SHORYUDO Bus Pass” plan should you choose?

Takayama, Shirakawa-go, and Kanazawa (3-Day Tour)

Including Nagoya, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa, and Toyama, the most popular areas in Central Japan. It is also the best-selling plan.

■Recommended: First time visitor to Central Japan, wanting to experience the classic trip.
■Additional Notes: The bus route "Nagoya ⇋ Takayama ⇋ Shirakawa-go ⇋ Kanazawa" can easily fill-up. Please make an appointment in advance.

Wide Course (5-Day Tour)

If plan to visit Central Japan for more than 5 days, and want to travel to "Matsumoto, Shinhotaka, and Gero", as well as "Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa, and Toyama", the Wide Course is your best choice.
Those who want to visit "Tateyama Kurobe" can purchase "JR Tateyama Kurobe Option ticket" after arriving Toyama. What you need to pay attention is that it is a one-way ticket. You must first go to "JR Nagano Station" from Toyama, so the transportation fee from Nagano to Matsumoto has to be paid separately (this route is not included in Wide Course).

■Recommended: For those planning a long trip, who want to visit all viewpoints of Central Japan at one time

Matsumoto, Magome, and Komagane (3-Day Tour)

For those who have visited Central Japan many times and dislike the typically crowded sightseeing points, this route may be a good choice. Magome, Nagano, Matsumoto, Gero, Shinhotaka, and Takayama are all included in this plan.

■Recommended: Good for previous visitors to Central Japan, who prefer special viewpoints.

Model Course: recommendations for those who have not plan their trip yet

Model Course: Takayama, Shirakawa-go, and Kanazawa (3-Day Tour)

1st Day: Arrive at Centrair, Centrair→Nagoya

The Bus Pass includes a ticket from the Centrair to Nagoya. However, as the ticket can only be used for 3 days from its first use, and it is very difficult to visit all the viewpoints in such a short time, we recommend purchasing a ticket from Centrair to Nagoya (870 yen) and allowing yourself one extra day.

2nd Day: Start using “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”. Nagoya→Shirakawa-go, overnight in Takayama.

Leave Nagoya to visit Shirakawa-go, a fantastic place where you can see gassho-zukuri (thatched) houses. Pay attention that the route from Nagoya to Shirakawa-go is very popular so an early reservation is necessary.

Additional Information

08:00-10:51 Bus:Meitetsu Bus Center → Shirakawa-go(Reservations Required)
11:00-16:15 Shirakawa-go
16:15-17:20 Bus:Shirakawa-go → Takayama(Reservations not required)
17:20- Go to Takayama for dinner and hotel
3rd Day: Takayama→Kanazawa, overnight in Kanazawa

During the morning, take a look around Takayama, a place with a traditional Japanese atmosphere! You can go to the morning market, visit the old street, and then take a bus to Kanazawa after lunch.

Additional Information

After arriving at Kanazawa in the afternoon, you can go to the historic "Chaya-gai Street", and enjoy traditional craft stores, Japanese snacks, and the gold foil experience. In the evening, you can taste seafood dishes at "Korinbo", the most crowded shopping street in Kanazawa.

Additional Information

08:00-12:50 Takayama sightseeing, lunch
12:50-15:05 Bus:Takayama→Kanazawa(Reservations Required)
15:05- Go to Kanazawa for sightseeing and hotel
4th Day: Kanazawa→Takayama,Takayama→Centrair
Kanazawa Castle

In the early morning, head to Kenrokuen, a Japanese Garden, and Kanazawa Castle. After returning to Takayama for lunch at noon, you can take the bus to Nagoya. Then go to Centrair from Nagoya Station (you can use the ticket included in “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”).

08:00-11:10 Kanazawa
11:10-13:25 Bus:Kanazawa→Takayama(Reservations Required)
13:25-15:00 Lunch in Takayama
15:00-17:40 Bus:Takayama→Meitetsu Bus Center(Reservation required)
17:40- Meitetsu→Centrair

For the trip mentioned above, the normal transportation fee is 17130 yen. With SHORYUDO Bus Pass, you only need to pay 8500 yen, almost half of the price. Don't miss this discount for foreigner visitors only.

Model Course: Wide Course (5-Day Tour)

1st Day: Arrive at Centrair, Centrair→Nagoya
2nd Day: Start using “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”. Nagoya→Shirakawa-go, overnight in Takayama.
3rd Day: Takayama→Kanazawa、overnight in Kanazawa

For the first 3 days of the schedule, please refer to the 3-Day Tour( Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa) mentioned above.

4th Day: Kanazawa→Toyama, overnight in Toyama

On the 4th day, after morning sightseeing in Kanazawa, take the bus to Toyama. Toyama is host to the large and fashionable "Toyama Glass Art Museum" and the "World's Most Beautiful Starbucks" in the Water Park!

08:00-14:20 Kanazawa
14:20-15:20 Bus:Kanazawa→Toyama(Reservations not required)
15:20- Go to Toyama for sightseeing and hotel
5th Day: Toyama→Shinhotaka Ropeway→Hirayu Onsen→Matsumoto, overnight in Matsumoto

Take the double-decker cable car at Shinhotakato, and enjoy the beauty of Northern Alps from an altitude of 2156 meters! Get a 500 yen discount with the “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”.

At the end of the day, take the bus to the well-known onsen, Hirayu. Go to your hotel in Matsumoto after shopping at Onsen Street.

09:50-12:11 Bus:Toyama→Shinhotaka Ropeway (Reservations not required)
12:11-14:55 Enjoy Shinhotaka Ropeway, sightseeing time
14:55-15:30 Bus:Shinhotaka→Hirayu Onsen (Reservations not required)
15:30-17:50 Hirayu Onsen
17:50-19:15 Bus:Hirayu Onsen→Matsumoto Bus Center (Reservations not required)
19:15- Go to Matsumoto for dinner and hotel
6th Day: Matsumoto→Nagoya→Centrair

In Matsumoto, there is a Japanese national treasure, the black "Matsumoto Castle" and "Matsumoto Museum of Art" which has a large number of artworks from a well-known artist, Kusama Yayoi. Matsumoto, a city with vast and traditional streets, is very comfortable for walking.

Additional Information

08:00-14:30 Matsumoto
14:30-18:00 Bus:Matsumoto→Nagoya(Reservations Required)
18:00- Bus:Nagoya→Centrair

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