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Save Money While Traveling! The SHORYUDO Bus Pass is the Must-Have Ticket for a Trip Through Central Japan2

Model Course: Matsumoto, Magome, and Komagane (3 Day Tour)

1st Day: Arrive at Centrair, Centrair→Nagoya

We recommend purchasing a ticket from Centrair to Nagoya (870 yen) instead of using the “SHORYUDO Bus Pass” as it is activated from its first day of use.

2nd day: Start using the “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”. Nagoya→Magome, overnight in Hirugami Onsen

In the past Magome was a street connecting Tokyo and Kyoto. Even now, it maintains a strong Edo atmosphere, which is very popular among foreign tourists!

Additional Information

Take the bus to Hirugami Onsen, which is famous for its "Bihada-yu" (Beautiful Skin Water). Here you can see "The most beautiful sky in Japan", certified by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. Don't miss such a glorious sky.

08:30~10:05 Bus:Nagoya→Magome (Reservations Required)
10:05~ Magome
15:05~15:22 Magome→Komaba (Reservations Required)
16:06~16:19 Komaba→Hirugami Onsen (Reservations not required), overnight at Hirugami
3rd day:Hirugami Onsen→Komagatake Ropeway→Matsumoto, overnight in Matsumoto

Take Komagatake Ropeway featuring Japan’s largest elevation (950 meters), to watch the natural beauty of Senjojiki Cirque. The ropeway takes about 7 minutes.

10:08~10:35 Bus:Hirugami Onsen→Magome(Reservations Required)
11:05~11:58 Bus:Magome→Komagane IC(Reservations Required)
12:00~13:00 Lunch at Komagane
13:00~15:50 Komagatake Ropeway(Reservations not required)
16:30~17:28 Bus:Chuo-do Komagane IC→Nagono Matsumoto(Reservations Required)
17:28~ Arrive at Matsumoto for sightseeing and hotel
4th day: Matsumoto→Nagoya

In Matsumoto, there is a Japanese national treasure, the black "Matsumoto Castle" and "Matsumoto Museum of Art" which has a large number of artworks from a well-known artist, Kusama Yayoi. Matsumoto, a city with vast and traditional streets, is very comfortable for walking.

Additional Information

08:00~14:30 Matsumoto sightseeing
14:30~18:00 Matsumoto→Nagoya (Reservations Required)
18:00~ Nagoya→Centrair

How to use

After booking the “SHORYUDO Bus Pass” online print out your proof-of-purchase, and provide it alongside with your passport, at a Japanese service window, in order to get your bus pass. When taking the bus, be sure to present “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”.

There are 2 types of buses, one requires a reservation and the other does not. For the former, you must purchase a ticket at the service window, for the latter you can go directly to the bus stop.

How to reserve a “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”

Reservation site:

In addition, there are some domestic travel companies that sell “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”, and sometimes even with a discount!

Where to exchange for the “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”

After purchasing “SHORYUDO Bus Pass” online, the next step is to exchange your reciept for the ticket in Japan. While some service windows are available for all 3 types of “SHORYUDO Bus Pass”, others are only available for a specific type. Click here for more information.

Since the ticket service windows for “SHORYUDO Bus Pass” and "reserved bus" are different, Centrip recommends Meitetsu Bus Center (Business Hours: 6:40~23:10) where you can exchange both tickets in one place.

Check the table below for information regarding available routes and reservations of each package ticket

Package Ticket Route
Takayama/ Shirakawa-go/Kanazawa (3-Day Tour) ●Nagoya⇔Takayama(Meitetsu Bus, Nohi Bus, JR-Tokai Bus)※Reservations Required
●Nagoya⇔Shirakawa-go(Gifu Bus)※Reservations Required
●Gifu⇔Takayama(Nohi Bus, Gifu Bus)※Reservations Required
●Takayama⇔Shirakawa- go⇔Kanazawa, Toyama(Nohi Bus, Hokutetsu Bus, Toyama Chitetsu)※Some routes do not require reservations
●Kanazawa⇔Toyama(Hokutetsu Kanazawa Bus、Toyama Chitetsu)
●Nagoya⇔Gujo-Hachiman(Gifu Bus)※Reservations Required
●Kanazawa⇔Anamizu/Wajima(Hokutetsu Okunoto Bus)
●Kanazawa⇔Anamizu/Suzu(Hokutetsu Okunoto Bus)
Wide Course (5-Day Tour) Except the 3-Day Tour above, please check for more details below
●Takayama⇔Hirayu⇔Matsumoto(Nohi Bus, ALPICO Koutsu)
●Takayama⇔Hirayu⇔Shihotaka(Nohi Bus)
●Toyama⇔Toyama Airport⇔Shihotaka⇔Hirayu(Nohi Bus, Toyama Chitetsu)
●Nagoya⇔Toyama(Meitetsu Bus, Toyama Chitetsu)※Reservations Required
●Nagoya⇔Matsumoto(Meitetsu Bus, ALPICO Koutsu)※Reservations Required
●Shirakawa-go⇔Gokayama⇔Takaoka(Kaetsunou Bus)
●Takayama⇔Gero(Nohi Bus)
●Takayama⇔Kamioka(Nohi Bus)
●Shihotaka⇔Matsumoto(Nohi Bus, ALPICO Koutsu)※Specific dates only
●Kanazawa⇔Takaoka(Hokutetsu Kanazawa Bus, Kaetsunou Bus)
●Toyama⇔Takaoka(Toyama Chitetsu)
Matsumoto/ Magome/Komagone (3-Day Tour) ●Nagoya⇔Iida (Meitetsu Bus, Shinnan Koutsu) ※Reservations Required
●Nagoya⇔Ina, Minowa (Meitetsu Bus, Shinnan Koutsu, Ina Bus)※Reservations Required
●Nagoya⇔Matsumoto/Nagano (Meitetsu Bus, Alpico Kotsu) ※Reservations Required
●Iida⇔Nagano (Alpico Kotsu, Shinnan Koutsu, Ina Bus) ※Reservations Required
●Matsumoto⇔Nagano (Alpico Kotsu) ※Only weekdays
●Iida⇔Hirugami Hot Springs (Shinnan Koutsu)
●Komagane⇔Shirabidaira (Chuo Alps Kanko, Ina Bus)
●Takayama⇔Hirayu⇔Matsumoto (Nohi Bus, Alpico Kotsu)
●Takayama⇔Hirayu⇔Shinhotaka (Nohi Bus)
●Shinhotaka⇔Matsumoto (Nohi Bus, Alpico Kotsu) ※Operating only on specified days.
●Takayama⇔Gero (Nohi Bus)
●Gero⇔Gassho-mura (Nohi Bus)
●Gero⇔Kashimo (Nohi Bus)
●Kashimo⇔Nakatsugawa (Kitaena Kotsu)
●Nakatsugawa⇔Magome (Kitaena Kotsu)
●Nakatsugawa⇔Ena (Tohnoh Tetsudou)
●Ena⇔Enakyo (Tohnoh Tetsudou)

Bus Reservation Window

Nagoya⇔Takayama Meitetsu Bus Center, JR Tokai Bus Nagoya Travel Center, Takayama Bus Terminal
Nagoya⇔Shirakawa-go Meitetsu Bus Center, Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal
Gifu⇔Takayama Meitetsu Gifu Bus Terminal, Takayama Bus Terminal
Takayama⇔Shirakawa-go⇔Kanazawa/Toyama Takayama Bus Terminal, Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal, Hokutetsu Station Center (Kanazawa), Toyama Chitetsu Ticket Center (Toyama)
Nagoya⇔Toyama Meitetsu Bus Center, Toyama Chitetsu Ticket Center
Nagoya⇔Matsumoto/Nagano Meitetsu Bus Center, Matsumoto Bus Terminal, Alpico Kotsu Nagano Station Information Center
Nagoya⇔Iida Meitetsu Bus Center, Iida Station Ticket Office
Nagoya⇔Ina/Minowa Meitetsu Bus Center, Ina Bus Terminal
Iida⇔Nagano Iida Station Ticket Office, Alpico Kotsu Nagano Station Information Center
Nagoya⇔Gujo-Hachiman Meitetsu Bus Center

※Some buses on the Takayama ⇔ Shirakawa-go route do not require a reservation.


Q1: After purchasing the SHORYUDO Bus Pass, can I reserve a bus seat by the Internet or phone?

Users of the SHORYUDO Bus Pass cannot make reservations in advance, by internet or telephone, for buses that require a reservation.

Q2: How do I make a reservation for the buses? Can I make all the reservations in the same ticket window?

Each bus company has a different window for taking seat reservations. Please make your seat reservations at the appropriate company’s window.

Q3. We will arrive at Chubu International Airport before the ticket's starting date. Can we exchange our coupons for ticket?

Yes, you can. You can exchange your coupons for a ticket at any time at a designated exchange location, the tickets won't be activated until their first use.

Q4: Can I make a reservation for the bus a few days ahead?

You can make a reservation for a bus at most 1 month ahead of time. Do not forget to make a reservation for your buses as soon as you arrive in Japan.

Q5: I will arrive at Centrair after 21:00. Is it still possible to exchange the bus pass?

There are two exchange places at Chubu International Airport, details are as given bellow.
MEITETSU TRAVEL PLAZA / Business hours: 7:00 – 20:00
Business hours: the first train of the day – 7:00, 20:00 – the last train of the day

Q6: Can I exchange the tickets in other ways such as showing my smartphone’s screen??

No. You must print out your coupons and hand it over the counter.

Q7: Can I buy "SHORYUDO Bus Pass" in Japan?

No, you have to buy it before arriving in Japan. The Ticket Service Window in Japan offers ticket exchange service only.

Q8: The price and routes of "SHORYUDO Bus Pass" have been changed as of 2019/04/01. Can I have more details regarding it?

For the 3-Day Tour (Takayama/ Shirakawa-go/ Kanazawa) and 5-Day Tour (Wide Course) some areas such as Gujo Hachiman, Wajima, and Suzu-shi were added.
The price of SHORYUDO Bus Pass will also be increasing. The 3-Day Tour(Takayama/ Shirakawa-go/ Kanazawa) will increase to 8500yen from 7500yen, the 5-Day Tour(Wide Course) will increase to 14000yen from 13000yen, while the 3-Day Tour( Matsumoto/ Magome/ Komagane) will stay at the original price.

Because of the added areas, you can visit Gujo Hachiman, which is famous for the Gujo Odori dance and making food replica's, Wajima for rice terraces and Suzu-shi for looking out on the amazing Sea of Japan. Enjoy a different view of Central Japan.

Sponsored by Chubu Centrair International Airport

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