Islands Large and Small Scattered Along the Coast

Starting out from Kashikojima, which was home to the Ise Shima Summit, a cluster of islands are laid out, forming Ago Bay. The Yokoyama Observatory here is a very popular photo spot and the sunset here is spectacularly beautiful. You can take a cruise to see how people cultivate pearls here. Because of its beauty, Ago Bay is often called the Japanese Aegean Sea. There are many restaurants where you can eat lots of fresh seafood as well. "

Directions Yokoyama Observatory Take Kintetsu Nagoya Line from Nagoya Station to Ugata Station (About 2h5m) Take a taxi (About 10m)
Business hours Free
Holidays Free
Contact TEL:0599-44-0005(志摩市観光戦略室)
Wi-Fi Available for some areas
Credit card payment Not accepted
Supported languages Not accepted
Price Free
Average visit length About 1-2 hours
Websites 観光三重

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