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Inuyama Castle & Town 2: Nagoya Day-Trip Sightseeing Series Part 2

Inuyama Castle Town Ticket, Participating Stores

If you are worried about spending too much on sweets, don't worry the Meitetsu Coupon is ready to save you some cash.
This coupon is valid at over 10 participating stores. These include kimono rental shops, gourmet restaurants, souvenir shops, and more. Look below for a list of some of the participating stores.

Yamada Goheimochi

Gohei Mochi is a Central Japan specialty. It's made by dipping a rice cake in sauce and shaping it into small balls. Yamada Gohei Mochi uses a homemade & rich sauce made from sesame, walnuts, and peanuts.

Discount Details:
Gohei Mochi: ¥100 per skewer discounted down to ¥70 (First 5 skewers only)

Juhyoya Inuyama Inouetei

Juhyoya specializes in tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables) and in Aichi the most famous is Moriguchi-zuke. Other foods they serve include salmon meals with seasonal pickled vegetables, Moriguchi-zuke cakes, and popular soy sauce skewers.

Discount Details:
Buyers of soy sauce skewers, ¥170 ea., will receive a ticket for a special draw!

Juhyoya Inuyama-an

If you come to Inuyama you have to try these out: Moriguchi-zuke Softserve Ice Cream and Japanese Burger! Aren't you just dying to take a bite?

Discount Details:
Customers who make a purchase in-store will receive a ticket for a special draw!

Showa Yokocho, Koikomachi Dango

An Instagram favorite, the colorful Koikomachi Dango!

Discount Details:
¥50 discount

Inuyama Loreley Beer Hall

Inuyama's local beer, Loreley beer, was born under the watchful gaze of expert German brewers. The taste is refined, as neither heat nor filtration is used in the brewing process. If you enjoy beer make sure you stop in here!

Discount Details:
Draft Beer: ¥100 off your first beer

Inuyama Biyori & Inuyama Biyori Ichibankan

A choice of more than 100 kimonos, with hairstyling sets and selfie sticks for an added cost.

Discount Details:
Kimono 1-day Rental: ¥4,400 discounted to ¥3,850 (Advanced reservations only)

Inuyama's Most Beautiful Feature, the Human Touch of Its People.

A cavalcade of Instagrammable foods, one after the other, brings energy to this old castle town. But what really impressed me was the humanity and culture of Inuyama.

For example, the textile store Kinunoyakata Takumi sells traditional silk fabric. The shop owner's wife takes English classes weekly so she can introduce visitors from overseas to the beauty of Inuyama. She told me about a little-known spot to see early-blooming cherry blossoms and told me the story of Inuyama's famous Inuyama Hot Dog.

At Fujisawa Seika, the shop owner's wife smiled as she explained the architecture of the store, how it was designated as a cultural property, and explained to me the history of Genkotsu.

Both are residents of Inuyama who desire to pass their stories on to visitors who may only have one chance to visit their beloved town.

Inuyama is a small yet popular tourist destination. The town has deep cultural roots and is very popular among women. Centrip hopes that you too will visit and see the beauty that Inuyama has.

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