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Chill Thrills Await! Embark on a Winter Journey to Mt. Gozaisho Ski Resort

Located at the summit of Mt. Gozaisho in the Suzuka Mountain Range, the easily accessible Mt. Gozaisho Ski Resort is most conveniently reached by rental car or public transportation from Chubu Centrair Airport. Sitting at an elevation of approximately 1,200 meters, the resort offers a hassle-free ride up via a ropeway. Enjoy various winter activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of frost-covered trees. Explore our recommended local delicacies, onsen accommodations for a cozy night after playing in the snow, and nearby attractions for the following day.

How to enjoy winter at Mt. Gozaisho

When you arrive at the Mt. Gozaisho Ropeway entrance, hop on the Mt. Gozaisho Ropeway right away. The round-trip fare is ¥2,600 for adults and ¥1,300 for children (4 to 12 years old). The journey from the base at Yunoyama Onsen Station to Sanjo Park Station takes about 15 minutes, with an elevation difference of approximately 780 meters. As you sway in the red gondola, you'll spot the iconic Tower No. 6, a towering white structure that holds the record as Japan's tallest tower supporting a ropeway. It stands as the symbol of the Mt. Gozaisho Ropeway.

1) Gazing Upon a Snowy World from the Ropeway

Overlooking Ise Bay Below
Riding the Red Gondola Through the Snowy Landscape

As the gondola descends, Yokkaichi city unfolds beneath, offering a sprawling cityscape. Gazing into the distance, you'll catch glimpses of Ise Bay. Starting the journey close to the mountain's rugged face provides a thrilling experience, with the snow-covered cliffs seemingly looming before you. Mt. Gozaisho is home to wild Japanese serow, and with a stroke of luck, you might spot these elusive creatures. From late December to early March, witness the enchanting 'ice trees' (juhyo) from elevations exceeding 1,000 meters. For an optimal experience, morning rides are highly recommended.

2) Mystical phenomenon: Juhyo (Rime)

Radiant snow-covered trees
A serene stroll amidst winter's artistry

Rime occurs when the near-surface air temperature drops below freezing, causing the water vapor within large trees to adhere and freeze on the surface. The result is a delicate layer of ice that gracefully blankets the entire tree, giving rise to the breathtaking beauty of silver-clad trees. The shimmering elegance of these trees, created by the hand of nature, is nothing short of a living work of art—a testament to the enchanting wonders that winter unveils on Mt. Gozaisho.

3) Showshoes

Easy winter fun: snowshoeing for everyone

The ingenious invention of snowshoes allows people of all ages to effortlessly enjoy snowy mountain strolls without sinking into deep snow. Just a 10-minute walk from Sanjo Park Station, you'll find a ski house where you can easily rent snowshoes for the day at a reasonable rate (¥1,000 per day). Consider exploring the Snowshoe Course on the west side of Sanjo Park, offering a maximum walking distance of 1,000m and approximately 90 minutes of leisurely strolling through the winter wonderland.

4) Skiing

Dedicated ski slopes

Immerse yourself in the joy of skiing amid the pristine snowscapes at Mt. Gozaisho Ski Resort. This dedicated skiing area offers a picturesque backdrop for enthusiasts to carve through the snow-covered slopes. Rental ski packages (skis, boots, and poles) are available at ¥3,000 per day. Ski lift tickets come at ¥300 for a single ride, or you can opt for a convenient six-ticket bundle for ¥1,000. Additionally, full-day passes are available for ¥2,000.

5) Sledding

Sledding fun for little ones

Discover a dedicated sledding area at Mt. Gozaisho Ski Resort, ensuring a safe and enjoyable winter playtime for even the youngest adventurers. Skiing is prohibited on the sledding slopes, so parents can relax as their little ones revel in the snowy fun. Sled rentals are available at ¥600 per day, and there's an option for a set including a sled and snow boots (for snow play) priced at ¥1,000.

Recommended Mt. Gozaisho Cuisine

Restaurant Nature with a view of the mountain
Right: Experience dining while taking in the scenic view

For a memorable dining experience on Mt. Gozaisho, I highly recommend Restaurant Nature located next to the south side of Sanjo Park Station. Situated at an elevation of approximately 1,200 meters, it stands as the highest point in Mie Prefecture. This prime location offers unparalleled views of the Suzuka Mountain Range, the town of Yokkaichi, Ise Bay, and beyond.

Gozaisho curry udon
Gozaisho Mountain Karaage chicken set meal

Popular items are the famous Gozaisho curry udon and the Gozaisho Mountain Karaage chicken set meal, featuring thick, chewy noodles. Both are hearty and filling.

Getting to Mt. Gozaisho from Nagoya / Chubu Centrair Airport

Mie Kotsu Bus connects Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station to Yunoyama Onsen and Gozaisho-dake

When traveling from Nagoya or Centrair to Mt. Gozaisho, you have two primary options: train or highway bus. Express buses offer convenience with fewer transfers, making them an efficient choice. However, due to a lower frequency of buses, your schedule may align better with the train route, ensuring a smoother journey. Exploring the Route from Chubu Centrair Airport to Mt. Gozaisho

1) From Chubu Centrair Airport to Yokkaichi (Mie Prefecture) using the express bus, Kintetsu train, and bus or taxi

Traveling from the international terminals 1 and 2 at Central Japan International Airport to Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station is a breeze with a quick 1-hour and 30-minute ride on the express bus. From Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station, hop on the local train for a smooth 30-minute journey to Kintetsu Yunoyama Onsen Station. To reach the Yunoyama Onsen and Mount Gozaisho Ropeway area, a convenient option is to take a Mie Kotsu bus or a taxi, which will get you there in about 8 minutes. Keep in mind that there are three daily express bus services connecting Central Japan International Airport to Yokkaichi. Find more details here.

1) From Chubu Centrair Airport to Mt. Gozaisho via Meitetsu Train, and the express bus

A quick 30-minute ride on the express train from Central Japan International Airport will take you to Meitetsu Nagoya Station. From Meitetsu Bus Center, board the Mie Kotsu bus for a scenic 1-hour and 10-minute journey to Yunoyama Onsen and the front of Mount Gozaisho Ropeway. The bus operates once daily on weekdays and twice on weekends and holidays. Find additional details here.

3) From Chubu Centrair Airport take the Meitetsu train, then the Kintetsu train, and finally bus or taxi

Embarking on a journey from Central Japan International Airport, the Meitetsu Express train will whisk you to Meitetsu Nagoya Station in just 30 minutes. From there, hop on the Kintetsu Express train for another 30-minute ride to Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station, and transition to the local train at Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station, for a final 30-minute trip to Kintetsu Yunoyama Onsen Station. To reach Yunoyama Onsen and the base of Mount Gozaisho Ropeway, a quick 8-minute ride via Mie Kotsu bus or taxi awaits. Despite the transfers, the abundance of services ensures flexibility to suit your schedule.

Stay at a hot spring after playing in the snow

The view from the observatory at Irodori Koyo

After reveling in the picturesque snowy landscapes and engaging in some snowy fun, why not cap off the day with a stay at Yunoyama Onsen, nestled at the base of Mount Gozaisho? Unwind and immerse yourself in the soothing hot springs for a truly relaxing experience. What do you think?
With a history spanning over 1300 years, Yunoyama Onsen is a time-honored hot spring destination, also known as Deer Hot Springs due to the legend of injured deer finding healing here. The alkaline radium water is clear and colorless, earning it the moniker Beauty Bath for its highly acclaimed skincare effects.

Recommended Inns

Open-air bath with vibrant sunlight
Rooftop observation deck
Irodori Koyo

Address: 8497 Komono, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie 510-1233
Directions: 8 minutes by car from Yunoyama Onsen Station / Pick-up service is available from Kintetsu Yunoyama Onsen Station

Open-air hot springs at Hotel Yunomoto
Example of a meal
Hotel Yunomoto

Address: 8497 Komono, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie 510-1233
Directions: Pick-up service is available from Kintetsu Yunoyama Onsen Station / Gozaisho Ropeway stop is close by.

Marronnier Resort Hotel Yunoyama Onsen

Address: 8563 Aza Yunoyama, Komono, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie 510-1233
Directions: 10 minutes by car from Yunoyama Onsen Station / Pick-up service available from Kintetsu Yunoyama Onsen Station

Shikanoyu Hotel

Address: Komo-Yunoyama Onsen, Mie-gun, Mie 510-1233
Directions: 10 minutes by car from Yunoyama Onsen Station / Pick-up service available from Kintetsu Yunoyama Onsen Station

Recommendations for the next day

Now that you are done experiencing Mt. Gozaisho. What should you do next? It just so happens that we have some nearby spots for you to visit.

Shopping at Nabana no Sato & Jazz Dream Nagashima (1 hour and 30 minutes by Kintetsu train and bus)

Nabana no Sato
Begonnia Garden

Discover a shopping haven at Jazz Dream Nagashima, the largest outlet mall in Japan, which boasts around 300 stores featuring renowned domestic and international brands, select shops, and more. Indulge in the latest fashion trends, stylish interior decor, sports gear, and more, all available at enticing outlet prices.
After a delightful shopping spree, immerse yourself in the beauty of flowers and greenery at Nabana no Sato, a thematic park spanning vast grounds. Marvel at the breathtaking displays in the 9,000-square-meter Begonia Garden, showcasing begonias and flowers gathered from around the world. Dive into a world of vibrant lights at Nabana no Sato Illumination, featuring the expansive 200-meter-long 'Flower Corridor' light tunnel and captivating water-based illuminations.

Suzuka Circuit (1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours by Kintetsu train and Ise railway)

Suzuka Circuit Park offers a plethora of attractions, including cars and motorbikes.

Suzuka Circuit stands as the epicenter of thrilling entertainment, featuring the internationally acclaimed racing track that hosts the F1 Japanese Grand Prix, a full-fledged amusement park, hotel, and campground.
At Suzuka Circuit Park amusement park, there's a range of attractions that let everyone, from little ones to adults, experience the joy of driving, including motorcycles and go-karts. It's a perfect choice for those who want an active and dynamic day out.

Ise-Shima (Toba Aquarium, Mikimoto Pearl Island, Yokoyama Observatory)

Yokoyama View Point

The Ise-Shima region stands as a prime tourist destination, proudly representing Mie Prefecture with its abundance of attractions and must-visit spots. Just a short 10-minute stroll from JR and Kintetsu Toba Station, the Toba Aquarium, boasts the widest array of species in Japan. The facility is thoughtfully organized into 12 themed zones, allowing visitors to navigate freely and explore at their own leisure, making the most of their limited time. Encounter the unique dugong, often likened to a mermaid, the playful sea otters, and majestic sunfish. Don't miss the crowd-favorite seal performances and the charming penguin walks.
A 5-minute stroll from Toba Aquarium, discover the historic Mikimoto Pearl Island, where the world's first successful pearl cultivation took place. Immerse yourself in the fascinating Pearl Museum, unveiling the intricate process of pearl formation. Explore the Pearl Plaza, a treasure trove of pearl products, including exquisite jewelry. Don't miss the live demonstrations by ama, female divers, recreating the bygone era of pearl cultivation.
For a mesmerizing vista of the picturesque coastal beauty and one of Japan's top ria coasts, make a stop at the Yokoyama Observatory. From its lofty 140-meter perch, you'll be treated to a sweeping view of 60 islands and pearl rafts adrift in Ago Bay. With well-kept trails, it's a perfect spot for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. The rest area, complete with a takeout café, and the adjacent visitor center offer insights into the Ise-Shima National Park.


After relishing the serene beauty of snow-covered landscapes and engaging in playful snow activities, treat yourself to a relaxing stay at a hot spring ryokan. Why not explore the richness of Mount Gozaisho and Gozaisho Ski Resort and immerse yourself in the full allure of Japan's winter?

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