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Taking a trip with your significant other (SO)? Here's a list of dating spots around Nagoya

What's a couple to do in Nagoya? Are you looking to spend your time in an exciting and bustling area, or do you prefer a more peaceful and tranquil spot to spend your time together? Join us as we go on a trip through Centrip's top 12 romantic date spots in and around Nagoya.

A Trip in the City: Experience the Innocence and Joy of Childhood.

1. Nagoya City Science Museum: Romance with Rationality

Located in Nagoya City, the Science Center is about a 20-minute walk from the Sakae shopping area. They have a variety of displays with hands-on experiences available for you to get a feel for the science you see in the world around you.
Here you can experience the romantic side of science with your SO. In this noisy space, surrounded by tourists and children laughing & playing, you and your SO may sometimes get separated, but you can clearly hear the words "I love you." from your SO through the solid-state audio transmission device. Or snuggle up close and share your body heat in the Arctic Lab that simulates the temperature of the Antarctic continent. It is also home to the world's largest planetarium (as of writing), where you can go on a cosmic journey to the stars and travel billions of light-years away with your SO, right in the heart of the city.

2. Nagoya Aquarium: Swim 20,000 miles under the sea with your SO.

Looking to cool off on a hot summer day, then there's no better place to do it than at an aquarium. At the Nagoya City Aquarium, you can encounter over 500 species of marine life, including beluga whales, dolphins, penguins, and jellyfish.
Inside the aquarium is a tropical rainforest area that houses a large tank that simulates the climate and ecology of a tropical rainforest. Here you can experience "24 hours" of jungle life with your SO: the twittering of birds, the chirps of insects, flowing water, and turtles making gentle ripples in the water, then the "sky" darkens, and all is quiet again. An entire day is condensed into 30 minutes for the illusion of having spent the whole day together. If you prefer more excitement, go to the Kuroshio Tidal Wave or Underwater Tunnel for an underwater journey of 20,000 miles.

3. Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens: Share in Memories of Child-like Wonder.

When it comes to favorite children's destinations, zoos are always on the list. The Higashiyama Zoo is the second largest zoo in Japan, and home to otters, penguins, polar bears, lions, tigers, and Japanese antelopes. The zoo and the botanical gardens are in the same area so you can visit both on the same ticket.
Come for a trip into childhood memories with your SO: see your favorite animals, relive memories from summer vacations past and take a boat ride on the zoo's lake to get up close with the water birds. Or, go to Higashiyama Sky Tower near the zoo and make your vows in front of the Love Fountain.

4. Osu Kannon: A variety of ways to enjoy the downtown area

Osu is special among Nagoya's traditional shopping streets. There is no shortage of traditional scenery, such as Osu Kannon Temple, it also includes the modern subcultures of doujin and video games. And it's a cosmopolitan stronghold, with Brazilian barbecued chicken and Vietnamese noodles across the street from Turkish barbecue, Italian and Hong Kong restaurants around the corner. Not to mention, all kinds of clothing and accessory shops. From trendy to vintage shops, there's something for everyone, and the prices can be ridiculously cheap. It's a paradise for the younger crowd.
You can also take a detour into a game arcade for a quick game with your SO. At the end of the road, you'll find Osu Kannon Temple, where you can make prayer for each other.

A Great Place to Hang and Eat the Day Away.

1. Meiji Mura: Slip through Time into a Romantic Past

Meiji Mura(village) is an outdoor museum with a collection of Meiji-era buildings. There government offices, schools, and the homes of famous people, and also theaters, churches, and the Imperial Hotel. The buildings are preserved in their original Meiji style. You can view them from a distance or take a look inside. The food served in restaurants and food carts are designed with the period flavors in mind.
Meiji-era costumes are available to rent for your visit to the park so you can immerse yourself in the romance of the Meiji-era. Take a ride on the miniature steam train, sit in Natsume Soseki's cottage, pass by the Kure Hattori-za (theater) and the sake cellar, receive a blessing from 100 years ago at the church, and send a postcard from the Meiji period, through time to your SO today, at the post office. Travel through the centuries and experience love that transcends time.

2. Nabana no Sato: The Brightest Star in the Night Sky.

Nabana no Sato is Japan's number one light show. As the sun sets over the hills, the neon lights of Nabana no Sato begin to flicker on. Each year, the theme varies, from the blossoming of Fuji flowers to a winter sea of cherry blossoms. Also, there is a food court and various restaurants where you can enjoy a romantic dinner together.
After passing through the long tunnel of light, you will reach the year's theme area. As you walk through the winding corridor of light you will see a waterfall of lights and a sea of flowers. As the lights change and the sea of flowers rises and falls, your eyes will see the light reflecting in your eyes, making the sky seem to lose its color.

3. Nagashima Spa Land: Hold on Tight!

Nagashima Spa Land is the largest theme park in Japan after USJ and Disney. It has the world's longest roller coaster at 2,497 meters in length, and there are a variety of other exciting attractions, such as a giant flying saucer, a large roulette wheel, and a giant pirate ship. In summer, the water park is open. There is also a hot spring hotel in the park, and the hot spring is open to the public so you can enjoy the comfort of the spring water.

Nagashima Spa Land is near the ocean, and you can see the blue sea from both the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. There are also fireworks at night. When the Ferris wheel slowly reaches the highest point, you can see fireworks out of the window and look on with amazement and joy.

4. Shima Spanish Village: Experience the passion of Spain.

Mie Prefecture's Shima Spain Village is a Spanish theme park that combines amusement, dining, and entertainment. It features a steampunk-themed indoor roller coaster, a special stone-town in the hometown of the Sumero missionaries, as well as flamenco shows, carnival parades, and other events.
It's just like being in Spain. There are also blue and white buildings in the Mediterranean style, so you will be able to take a lot of beautiful pictures. Explore the unknown together in this warm and exotic land.

Explore Nature Together

1. Himakajima Island: Sea, Seafood and You

Himakajima is the closest island to Nagoya. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and sky, along with the freshest seafood. Experience the gifts of nature in a place that has only one traffic light on the entire island!
Not far from the eastern harbor of Himakajima island, after climbing up the stairs you can see an extra-long swing facing the sea. Sit in the swing and watch the endless sea, while your SO gently pushes you from behind.

2. Railroad Bike GATTAN GO (Takayama): Beautiful Mountain Scenery.

GATTAN GO, located in a high altitude area, is a collaborative cycling experience on an old railway in the mountains. The bikes are fixed on the tracks, so it doesn't matter if you don't know how to ride a bike! Better yet, it's easily accessible from Takayama City.

The railway winds its way through the mountains as if it were one with them. As you ride your bicycle along the railroad tracks through dark caves and towering valleys, the two of you enjoy talking to each other while listening to the sounds of the rattling railroad tracks.

3. Hot Air Balloon Experience (Gifu): A Romantic Journey to the "City in the Sky"

Try out the hot air balloon experience in the Nagara River Valley in Gifu. Prices vary depending on whether you choose a private course or a multi-participant course. The view of the Nagara River basin from the height of the balloon is breathtaking.
As you slowly ascend in the hot air balloon, everything on the ground shrinks to a tiny dot. The only thing that can be seen clearly at this moment is the breeze blowing past your ears and the people around you.

4. Achi Village: Beautiful Starry Sky.

Achi Village has the most beautiful starry sky in Japan and is known as the "Paradise in the Sky". The altitude is perfect, and the sky is crystal clear, so you can swim in the stars at night and see the waves of the sea of clouds in the morning. There is also a famous hot spring town, Hirugami Onsen, next to Achi Village.
At Hirugami Onsen, you can soak in a hot spring while looking up at the sky. This is the end of a journey that took the stars millions of years to complete, and it's a great place for two people to spend some time together.


There are many places in and around Nagoya that are perfect for a date. Whether you enjoy the excitement and fun of modern entertainment or prefer to spend time together in nature, you can find the right place for a romantic date with just you and your partner.

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