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Going on a family trip? Try these 16 indoor and outdoor spots in Aichi, Mie, and Shizuoka that are fun for the entire family!

Traveling with kids in the Chubu area and not sure where to take the kids for a day of fun?
Kids may get bored looking at temples and shrines all day and fun places for the kids like playground might sound boring to grownups.
Don't worry! Centrip has got you covered, with all the fun places in Aichi (Nagoya), Mie, and Shizuoka, that both you and your kids can enjoy together! Take a look.

Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture

Indoor Locations

Worried about the weather? Have some fun indoors.

①SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
Train heaven! See and experience everything about your favorite trains!

The railway museum is operated by JR Tokai and is home to steam locomotives, trains, Shinkansen, including the latest Shinkansen that are not even in operation yet. Think the Shinkansen is fast? You need to see the Linear Shinkansen! You'll also find Japan's largest railway diorama here as well, allowing guests to enjoy a mini-Shinkansen and JR trains that visit Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka on train and Shinkansen simulators!
It's fun for the whole family!

②Sea Life Nagoya
Venture Into the Deep and Meet a Strange New World at LEGOLAND®

The Lego X Aquarium at SEA LIFE Nagoya has 11 themed zones like Ryugu-Jo castle from Japanese fairy tale Urashima Taro, Sunken Shipwreck, Coral Reef, and so on. The lighting and vibe of each zone are different. There is a 360-degree water tunnel, which will reveal a whole new underwater Lego before your very eyes in the most beautiful way.
Ready to get your hands wet? See for yourself what a starfish actually looks like up close or get a microscopic view of the cells of sea creatures!

③Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
Japan's largest aquarium

Don't miss your chance to see whales and dolphins at the world's largest outdoor water pool, measuring 60 meters by 30 meters and 12 meters deep! Watch a tornado of Japanese sardines, an underwater rain forest, and all sorts of interesting sea creatures. This Nagoya Public Aquarium also has the honor of being the home of Japan's first successful artificial incubation of sea turtles. It's a great place to have fun and learn!

④Nagoya Science Museum
Discover the wonders of science at the Nagoya Science Museum, home of the world's largest planetarium (as certified Guiness).

Generate power with the help of a windmill while jogging while simultaneously training your body, sort balls by color to see how light sources affect visual perception, and try your hand at a life-sized mannequin puzzle to learn more about your body very own body! There are over 100 installations where you can have various hands-on experiences!
Create your own tornadoes, see thunder up close, experience temperatures of Antarctica, and touch the stars at the world's largest planetarium!
(*certified as such at time of construction)

A New Kind of Theme Park feat. the World's First Boeing 787

Just 10 minutes from the ticket gate at Chubu Centrair Intl. Airport Station, you'll find the very first Boeing 787 ever produced along with lots of airplane-related activities that'll keep you busy learning and having fun. Hop inside a real cockpit, try on authentic flight attendant uniforms, and enjoy the internationally-acclaimed Team Labo's art installations along with the gorgeous, trippy airplane-themed illumination panels on display. After you've seen all there is to see, venture upstairs to the "Seattle Terrace" to enjoy all the yummy American treats!

⑥Toyota Automobile Museum
140 Vehicles that Tell the Story of Toyota's History

From the first gas-powered vehicles to the latest in automotive technology, this is your chance to dive deep into the history of automobiles. Learn about not just the history of the cars, but also how cars have impacted Japanese culture and the lives of Japanese people. You'll also see how advancement made in the West after the end World War II affected the Japanese automotive industry. Don't miss your chance to go for a test ride while you're at the museum and check out the massive library that's home to 8,000 volumes about automobiles and their history.

Outdoor Experiences Series

We've got great options for those sunny days as well!

At LEGOLAND® Japan, there's family-friendly fun that both kids and adults will both enjoy.

With over 17,000 Lego blocks and 10,000 Lego displays, there's tons to see. See Lego versions of famous Japanese landmarks like Tokyo Tower, Odaiba Gundam, Nagoya Castle, along with other world-famous places built in Lego blocks. And with over 40 attractions to enjoy, the fun here never stops!
Right next door to LEGOLAND® is the fun-filled LEGO Hotel. Each room has an exciting theme, like pirates, knights, and more. Enjoy Lego all day and all night too!

②Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Japan's 2nd largest zoo, complete with botanical gardens and theme park attractions.

The zoo has all the animals you're looking for, with hippos, elephants, and lions along with some other rare animals like Japanese serows. Higashiyama Zoo is home to Japan's most famous gorilla, Shabani. No, seriously. He's said to be the most handsome gorilla in Japan, with fan support that's garnered yearly calendars featuring the loveable guy. There's also a petting zoo featuring goats, ponies, and Dutch pigs you can get up-close-and-personal with. At the botanical gardens, you can see cherry blossoms in the spring and colorful foliage in the fall, all in a very Japanese setting.

③Aichi World Expo Park
In 2022, Totoro's House will become a Ghibli theme park!

This spot was home to the 2005 Aichi World Expo. After the expo wrapped up, it was transformed into a massive public park and became home to a recreation of Totoro's house from Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro. In 2022, the entire park will be converted into a full-on Ghibli theme park.
There is a water play area for the kids that's free children and costs just ¥300 for adults. Water slides open in summer, making the park a great place to chill out in the warmer months.

Mie Prefecture

① Toba Aquarium
The largest variety of sea life in Japan.

Wanna find out what a mermaid really looks like? You'll find out at Toba Aquarium. Come see Asia's mermaid, the dugong, along with other rare creatures like Commerson's dolphin and the finless porpoise. These animals are not often seen in aquariums and there are even more waiting for you to visit. Another favorite at the aquarium are the adorable sea otters that sometimes shake hands.

②Suzuka Circuit
The theme park that's also home to an F1 Grand Prix.

Want to feel the exhilaration of driving like a professional driver? Come to Suzuka Circuit. If the family is into racing, this will definitely wind up being a memory you'll treasure forever. There is also a full-fledged race track that hosts F1 and 8-hour endurance road races, as well as other interesting areas like the Motopia amusement park, a motor sports hotel, and a restaurant. This is high-spec fun!

③Nagashima Spa Land
Japan's largest theme park and resort.

Other than Disneyland and Universal Studios, this is Japan's most popular theme park—filled with thrilling rollercoasts and exciting attractions. At Christmas time, the park is decorated in holiday garb and there's even a parade. In addition to all the theme-park attractions, there is also massive water park to enjoy, which is perfect for summertime fun. After you've had your fun for the day, there's a hot springs hotel to relax and enjoy the night at. For the shoppers out there, there's an outlet mall on-site with something for everyone available to purchase.

④Ninja Museum of Igaryu
Meet some professional ninjas and experience the mystical world of the shinobi.

Iga was home to some of the most famous ninjas there ever were, and the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum hosts a number of ninja displays with several active professional ninjas. The person you think is just an ordinary farmer might actually be a ninja in disguise. After learning more about ninja, you can transform yourself into a ninja and hang out around town. Time to level up your ninja skills and throw some shuriken!

⑤Oyatsu Town
Make the perfect Babystar for yourself at the Babystar theme park.

Come see Babystar's sweet indoor theme park. Make some special Babystar at the Babystar Factory. Give it any flavor or shape your heart desires. Oyatsu Town is home to Japan's largest jungle gym and a Hoshio-kun slide that's so big you'll find yourself having to raise your head to take it all in. There are a number of sporty activities to try your hand at too. You'll find yourself trying them over and over again. There are various areas throughout created for different age groups for kids even as young as 3 years old. It's the perfect theme park for families.
Pick up some limited-edition Ise Shrimp-flavored Babystar or Babystar chocolate cookies that you can only get here during your trip.

Shizuoka Prefecture

①Chibimaruko-chan Land
Jump into the world of Chibimaruko-chan in this indoor theme park.

There are a number of location from the Chibimaruko-chan anime brought to life here including Chibimaruko-chan's room, Tama-chan's room, the school classroom, and the park. See various characters from the show at each location and even try out some character costumes. There's a museum here too that is home to some of the original artwork used for the show. If you're a Chibimaruko-chan superfan, this place is for you.

②Kakegawa Kachouen
Reach out, and touch some nature and make a few new flying friends.

Kakegawa Kachoen is a huge (mostly) indoor bird park. Many of the birds are free to fly about as they wish. There are a lot of chances to interact with the birds like feeding them and having them sit on your shoulder. Kids will love the parrots, mandarin ducks, penguins, and owls. There are also a ton of beautiful flowers that create a truly colorful atmosphere and they make your trip a little different depending on the season.


Well, that was a lot to take in, wasn't it? Hopefully, you found some activities that your little ones will enjoy. With the excursions we've lined up for you, you're bound to create some priceless family memories.

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